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Together, Coughlin & Associates brings over 40 years of industry experience to the table, offering solutions and results to the energy efficiency, renewable and sustainability companies. 

Our associates are well known and have worked in all aspects of the energy industry; from policy to generation to energy efficiency, and strategy development.

Business partnership and success concept


Our work ethic is unparalleled.  We will deliver product and services as promised.  


Our industry knowledge gives us the ability to bring together diverse and well respected talent, which sets us apart from the competition.  Our associates have established credibility and proven track records of success, and are ready to make your project their priority.  


We are ready to bring our best to your project and deliver quality results exactly when needed.

Meet Us.

Thomas J. Coughlin, Jr., Principal.

Involved in leading edge discussion and strategy with industry leaders and stakeholders keeps Coughlin & Associates connected to the pulse of what matters most in the energy efficiency industry.  Over 38 years of utility experience; including regulatory , energy efficiency, quality control, quality assurance, policy, EE program development and management, and extensive experience in stakeholder group facilitation. 

Sharon D. Brown, Mailroom Manager.   Over 30 years of professional experience in various industries (utility, college instruction, art and business) builds rock solid competency, flexibility and innovation; the foundation of Coughlin & Associates.

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