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Thomas J. Coughlin, Jr.



Prior to the launch of Coughlin & Associates, Tom was the manager of Technical Policy and Strategy Group, at National Grid.  He has over 28 years experience in design, implementation and evaluation of residential, commercial, industrial and government system benefits energy efficiency programs. He also was involved in regulatory matters relating to system benefits programs as well as contract negotiations for demand side resource acquisition.  Prior to joining National Grid, Tom worked at Boston Edison in Energy Efficiency and in Quality Assurance. 





Principal of Coughlin & Associates Energy Consulting.  Coughlin & Associates offers its clients program and regulatory expertise doing business in the energy efficiency industry.  Extensive experience and success enables us to provide assistance in the design, implementation, quality assurance and compliance of program implementation and evaluation, as well as strategic planning, filing and testimony support.  


1999-2018, National Grid

As a Manager since October 2012, was responsible for oversight of technical policies and implementation of National Grid’s commercial, industrial and government energy efficiency programs.   This includes responsibility for the Company’s commercial lighting program.  He has represented National Grid in the DesignLights Consortium® and is a past board member of the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) on behalf of the DLC.  He has also been past co-chair of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s High Performance Commercial Lighting working group and past chair of the MassSave commercial lighting working group. He is currently co-chair of the state-wide Massachusetts Technology Assessment Committee. 


During 2011-2012, was part of the NYS Program Strategy team as a lead analyst. 


Prior roles included commercial program strategy for Rhode Island and Massachusetts, building codes and appliance standards advocacy, high performance school design, lighting program management and industrial programs. 


1997-1999, Boston Edison Company, Energy Conservation Services Group

As a program manager, responsible for the design and implementation of Boston Edison’s new commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs.   At the time, Mr. Coughlin represented Boston Edison on a number of working groups started by the regional Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships initiatives, including the DesignLights Consortium®. 


1996-1997, Boston Edison Company, Power Contracts Group

As a senior engineer, Mr. Coughlin was on a team responsible for the Integrated Resource Management program which solicited bids for demand side performance contracts.  The team successfully negotiated 9 contracts.


1994-1995, Boston Edison Company, Residential Services Group

As a senior engineer, responsible for all technical requirements for the company’s residential energy efficiency programs.


1991-1994, Boston Edison Company, Residential Services Group  

As a program administrator, responsible for the management of the company’s electric heat and multifamily retrofit programs


1990-1991, Boston Edison Company, Residential Services Group

 As a state certified energy auditor, Mr. Coughlin provided multifamily energy audits under a state mandated fuel blind energy audit program. 


1986-1990, Boston Edison Company, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer and ANSI N45-2-23 certified lead auditor.


1985-1986, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation

Procurement engineering supervisor – Fort St. Vrain Nuclear Power Station, Platteville, Colorado


1980-1985, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation

Quality Assurance Engineer, Quality Cost & Auditing Group and Procurement Quality Assurance Group.




“Alternatives to Standard HID Lighting in Industrial Facilities”, McCowan, Coughlin, Epstein and Bergeron presented at the 2001 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry


“Sustainable Energy Efficiency -Leveraging Utility Energy Efficiency to Improve Our Communities”, Stout, Coughlin, Hanna, Legg, presented at the 2002 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.


“High Performance Lighting Options for School Facilities”, McCowan, Coughlin, Epstein and Bergeron,  presented at the 2002 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.


An Approach to Promoting Smart Lighting for Industry”, Hinge, Coughlin, Dagher, Richards, presented at the 2003 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry.


“Programs for Integrated Industrial Audits: The Audit Process and Case Studies for the NSTAR Eco-Efficiency Program and the NGRID ISOS Program”, Epstein, D'Antonio, Moray, Patil,. McGlynn, and Coughlin, to be presented at the 2003 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry.



B.S., in Mechanical Engineering from University of Maine, Orono, Maine.


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